Ask the Expert: Skin-timate Details

Beauty is more than skin deep, of course, but beautiful skin is a great place to start any regimen. From cleansing to long-term care,  Wisniewski of SpaUnique shares her expert insights.


Monique Wisniewski of SpaUnique
Monique Wisniewski of SpaUnique

The Question: I was wondering is it really bad to fall asleep or go to bed with makeup on? Does it age your skin or what kind of damage does it really do?

The Answer from Monique Wisniewski of SpaUnique: Going to sleep with your makeup on is a big “no.” Not only does it clog your pores but it dehydrates the skin. As we go about our day, our skin collects dirt and bacteria, and can be damaged by free radicals. It is important to clean your skin morning and evenings. It can cause blackheads, acne, and yes, over time, age the skin. A mild cleanser such as Jeunesse coconut milk aloe cleanser is great for all skin types, including teens.

A mild toner after washing will remove any additional dirt and/or makeup that did not come off with washing alone. In addition, mineral makeup is always best for the skin. I prefer gloMinerals. It does not clog pores and provides amazing coverage without looking like you are wearing makeup.

Early prevention is the key to life long beautiful skin.

At what age should you start to use moisturizer on your skin? I’ve heard that you should start in your 20s, some have said in your 40s. What’s the real answer?

The Answer from Monique Wisniewski of SpaUnique: I recommend moisturizer to everyone, no matter what age of the person I am working on. Teens needs a mild moisturizer that is not greasy or too heavy. They have changing skin and you don’t want to clog their pores. Moisturizer hydrates the skin, provides a barrier prohibiting dirt from getting in the pores and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

As we age, our skin starts to loose its elasticity and vitamins. Your professional esthetician will help you decide on a moisturizer specific for your own skin type. Our favorite for all skin types is Jeunesse Vitamin Infused Hydration Serum. All natural and loaded with vitamins, it hydrates even the driest of skin and gives your skin that dewy, supple look and feel.

I have terrible crows feet around my eyes and over the last year it’s gotten worse. What procedures would you recommend for this?

The Answer from Monique Wisniewski of SpaUnique: Monthly microdermabrasions followed by a mild chemical peel over time will help diminish all fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion lightly abrades the skin, removing the dead skin cells that sit on the skins‘ surface. This can give your skin a dull, lifeless appearance and can enhance the lines on the face.

There are also collagen-building lasers that are noninvasive with no downtime that can also rid of these lines. Multiple treatments are needed and are very effective.

Anti-aging serums as well as a good moisturizer will also help with crows feet.

Along with a good skin care regimen, many choose Botox around the eyes to help eliminate and soften crows feet. An experienced physician will know exactly where to inject. Botox can safely smooth these lines and give the skin a much “softer” look. Usually Botox will last 4-6 months and is not very costly.

In my opinion, monthly skin treatments and a good at-home skin care regimen, done together collectively, will help you achieve the best results.

SpaUnique can customize treatments and skincare that best suits your individual needs. For more information, you can contact Monique Wisniewski at 631-482-1882 or visit online at

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