Ask the Expert: Lost Loved Ones and Past Lives Explored

Lost loved ones, past lives and finding the true motives of those in your life can raise plenty of questions. Janet Russell is here to share her answers.

The Question: I lost a family member recently and I never got a chance to say good bye. It was a sudden death and they died instantly. Do people that die like that know how feel and how much you loved them? How do I get closure on this since I didn’t get a chance to say good bye and let them know how I feel?

Janet Russell Says: When those we love leave us suddenly, they do visit us and say goodbye.They do stay around us more than we know. They watch over us and support us from above, but they are aware of what we feel, and many send us people to care for us since they are no longer here. They do feel the love and they do send it back to us, Sometimes we see birds or butterflies, of find coins or feathers. Those are messages from above.

The Question: I’ve been reading a lot about past lives. I have some ideas of what I might have done but how can I really know who I was or what I did in a past life? Do you do past life regression because I’ve been reading about that too. 

Janet Russell Says: I have been regressed and it amazed me brought me back to an event that actually started me on this path, and it’s funny it was March 27 1962. Fifty years ago, I don’t do past life regression but there are many out there that do that, I would suggest to check out possibly in the library. The woman that regressed me past away a few years ago or I would have suggested her, go to a reputable person though because hypnosis is a very selective gift.

The Question: Some of my friends say that I am suspicious of people’s motives but eventually my initial feeling comes true and I find out that my gut feeling is right about that person. Is this a form of intuition and do I have some sort of psychic powers myself? How can you tell if you do or not?

Janet Russell Says: I always say my gut feeling is my umbilical cord to God, and when I get chills or a twinge about someone or something I go with my gut it’s usually right on target. If you feel that you may have the gift of psychic intuition, I would read up on it and start with playing cards. Let a friend of yours hold up the cards and you call out what you feel, I also like to do psychometry when you hold another persons keys, glasses, picture and write down what you pick up on the energy.

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