Summer 2012 Preview: Dan’s Favorites—Montauk Point Ocean Beach

I have been asked, using my vast experience for the past 52 years with Dan’s Papers, to give you the very favorite things I enjoy out here. Don’t tell anybody about any of them. This is just for you.

Frankly I am just so bored with the stunningly beautiful beaches you can lie on extending from Montauk in the east to Westhampton Beach and beyond. Much more interesting to me, anyway, is the ocean beach southwest of the lighthouse at Montauk. It is consistently rated as the worst beach in the Hamptons for sunbathing and swimming. Huge boulders impede your way trying to walk the beach. Where there are no boulders, good-sized rocks and pebbles make it impossible to lie down. At the back of the beach is an 80 foot tall sand cliff, not only impossible to directly climb, but also very dangerous because of its frequent avalanches. Meanwhile, just offshore there are dangerous giant rocks upon which bask harp seals for most of the year. They are cute, but they have sharp teeth and they bite. This beach is not for the timid.

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