Ask the Expert: Taking Workouts to New Heights

Imagine this; you enter a peaceful studio with beautiful silks, U-shaped “hammocks” hanging from the ceiling.  Silk hammocks you can swing on, flip on and wrap your limbs around to take your typical yoga stretches up a notch.  The silk wraps around you and supports you so you can achieve a deeper stretch with less exertion on your part.  If you listen closely to your instructor you will flow through movements with elegance and ease.  Aerial Yoga is equal parts challenging as it is relaxing.  The hour fly’s by, as do you, literally!

Beginners welcome!  You don’t need any yoga experience to participate in an Aerial Yoga Class.  Just come with an open mind.  Inversions can be scary to many, but we will help you overcome your fear and learn to fly!  Inversions are made remarkably easy in Aerial Yoga.  You can actually feel your vertebrae’s separating and “opening up”, lengthening your spine.  It is a playful hour suspended from the ceiling.  It takes the fluidity of yoga and infuses it with our inert desire to fly.  It is a fantastic form of movement and stretch to be added to your existing fitness routine.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

  • Zero compression in your inversions.
  • Increases kinesthetic awareness
  • Low impact conditioning
  • Unique and fun
  • You will leave class a ¼” taller!

It’s hard to explain exactly how your body and brain feel during and after an Aerial Yoga class.  Most people say they love it for its physical “opening” of the body.  Many clients say how they walked in with back pain and are walking away pain-free after just one class.  I can personally tell you it’s an instant release and relief on your spine, muscles and joints.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  Open your body, open your mind.


April Yakaboski, HHC
Aerial Fitness & Natural Wellness Center


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