I Don’t Like What the Eric Firestone Gallery Did to the American Flag

I’m upset about it. It bothers me a lot. The Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton hoisted up into the sky outside of their gallery, an American Flag that was re-dyed completely red as part of Andrew Schoultz‘s show Ex Uno Plura.

I can’t in good conscious post a picture of the flag hoisted, but you can find it if you google it.

Seeing the flag like this made my blood pressure go up. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pissed off about it. I just don’t think people really realize the kind of freedom that we have and what the American flag represents sometimes. Talk to anybody, from any other country that has lived through an oppressive government, and it doesn’t even sound real how badly a government can enslave or destroy people and families because freedom isn’t feverishly defended.

I think this flag is done in poor taste. It’s obnoxious, it makes me angry. And it bothers me equally that it was done outside of the building, versus inside of the building. Maybe it’s a marketing thing, I just don’t get it.

I’ll defend to the death people’s right to freedom of expression. If this guy wants to desecrate the symbol that represents a system that allows you such freedom to do so, it’s his right to do it. This is America. It’s stupid in my opinion that he’s done it, but he can do it.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s in poor taste. Thanks for making me angry today. Maybe that was the goal. I don’t get it, whatever.

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