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Visiting the East End has never been more convenient thanks to recent technological advances and new services that taking vacationing to a whole level of relaxation and luxury.

Hampton Jitney, meet your new business partner, the iPhone. The free mobile application Portafare has linked with the Hampton Jitney to allow Hamptons travelers to purchase and manage their bus and train tickets directly from their personal mobile devices.

“Our company was born from the frustration of missing a connection while waiting on line to buy a ticket,” said Richard Gallo, co-founder and chief executive officer of Portable Fare Systems.

Gallo has worked with Dave Mankoff, Vice President of Hampton Jitney, to provide consumers with an easier and more efficient way of purchasing and displaying tickets. Currently available for the iOS, the free app enables an iPhone user to purchase and display a valid ticket for boarding a Hampton Jitney bus. By the time you read this, the app may be available to Droid and Blackberry users.

“Many of our riders are technologically sophisticated, times constrained, and they use the Hampton Jitney to reduce the stress of their busy work lives. We think Portafare will prove to be a valuable ticketing tool since it increases the level of service and convenience we can provide at no additional cost to our riders,” said Dave.

For over 35 years, Hampton Jitney has been the leading luxury motorcoach carrier, as it provides year-round service between New York and eastern Long Island. Now, buying tickets has never been easier.

Download the free application in the iTunes app store, use the register for a Portafare account or, if you’re a registered Hampton Jitney customer, you can use your existing login, and automatically purchase your tickets from your smartphone. No more hassling with papers! Just show your smartphone ticket when you board.

The Hamptons has created an atmosphere where the focus is on the fun, not the stress, of transportation and, thanks to James Hirstein, owner and operator of the new Main Beach Driver, a 24-hour, 7 days a week, unique, personal transportation service, residents and vacationers of all ages can free themselves of the burden of designated driving.

Local residents and summer vacationers can call to arrange a Main Beach driver to drive all night, making as many stops as needed. Party goers can go out with the peace of mind that there will be a local driver nearby at all times.

This service is available from Westhampton to Montauk. Significantly, Hirtenstein incorporates comfort into his services by offering the option to use you own automobile.

“Being at the beach is all about providing services, people don’t want to schedule, they want to enjoy and there is a lack of reliable and safe transportation in the Hamptons that is both accessible and affordable,” Hirstenstein says. “Main Beach Drivers aims to fill that gap and offer vacationers exceptional, stress-free service all summer long.”

Main Beach Drivers is equipped with staff for last-minute bookings, town travel, corporate services, airport services and even party services. Rates begin at $40 per hour (with a three-hour minimum) plus 15% gratuity for the driver.

All drivers pass through a selective screening process and guests are provided with bios and complete contact information to maintain regular contact while in the Hamptons.

“Most of my drivers are retired police officers and fire fighters that know the way of the land. They can get you to point A to point B in half the time, while giving local recommendations. These drivers can be requested all summer long, it provides an extra homey service,” Hirstein says.

Hirstenstein strives to deliver the best service to a clientele that demands the best.

“How we differ from other car, or taxi service is the amount of service we can provide. It’s comfortable. It’s your own personal vehicle. Everybody likes to be chauffeured, but it’s expensive. My services are affordable.”

Along with a personal drivers, Hamptonites also have the option of their own personal shopper. Avoid the hassle of overcrowded super-markets and long lines, just in time for that summer BBQ. Food Marketing institute conducted a survey indicating that people prefer to shop online and have orders delivered to them so they can have more time doing other activities, such as sun-bathing, socializing, tending to family needs and finally finishing that great summer read you started weeks ago. For your summer convenience, Mygofer, your very own personal shopper that allows you to shop online, mobile or even on Facebook with their up-to-date, user-friendly websites and applications. From clothes and beauty products to prescription and groceries, MyGofer users have the options to shop from millions of items, and deliveries will be ready within a few hours on the same day or ordering. Mygofer also offers the option of the mylists feature on which allows you to schedule orders weeks in advanced and arrange for recurring orders, so you don’t have to worry about ever being out of items you need.

From easy transportation, personal drivers, and even personal shoppers, The Hamptons provides services all summer, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

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