I Kinda Wish Wind Turbines Were Everywhere

I remember a time when Ted Kennedy voted against beautiful white windmills being built off of the coast of Nantucket, miles away, out into the ocean, where they could barely be seen. He voted against it because people thought the view would look bad.

Today, Alec Baldwin is applying to build a windmill in Amagansett on his own property, and I’d bet you a million bucks that it’s not going to happen. In fact I bet it will become such a headache, that he will just give up.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in favor of windmills, and I’m in favor of them everywhere. I’m also in favor of solar everywhere. The more environmentally friendly power sources we have the better. It sends a sustainable message to the world, they make economic sense and are cool looking.

I think windmills are beautiful. The East End is loaded with historic windmills that don’t even work, and we praise them because they are awesome. Modern windmills that generate power are awesome too.

As I grow older and feel my roots more and more out here, I find myself agreeing a lot with the old school, but I just don’t get the opinions of certain people on certain issues. I understand that there are other opinions out there, but there are so many things in life that to me, just seem so obviously a good thing, it boggles my mind that anybody can make any argument against it. For somebody to say that they don’t like the way a windmill looks therefore they should never be built is just so ridiculous. It’s not rocket science to change the color of them, to demand that they look a certain way, but to ban them on private property, to me, is just the stupidest God damn thing.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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