Quidditch Comes To The Hamptons

QUOGUE: Even if you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan, surely you’ve heard of Quidditch, the popular sport for wizards and witches. “Muggle Quidditch” (re: Quidditch for non-magical persons), which has exploded onto hundreds of university campuses across the nation, combines rugby, basketball, dodge and tag—along with the iconic brooms—into a game that is best understood by seeing it and learned by playing it. Hamptonites will have the opportunity to do just that at the 1st Annual Champagne Cup on July 21. The event is free for those who come to the VFW center as spectators, and anyone over age 15 can join a game for $5. All proceeds support the R.I.T. Quidditch Team, The Dark Marks. No experience is necessary, though team preference will be given to those who can fly. Check out the group Facebook page, “1st Annual Champagne Cup,” for additional information.

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