Urgent Tomato News

Credit: Stacy Dermont

ATTENTION!!!! This is urgent if we want to continue to grow and or eat tomatoes grown in this area. Late blight on these plants is with us for the third straight year. This is such a dangerous fungus that it is imperative that anyone growing even one tomato or potato become informed and there after diligently, if it is found, respond accordingly. If this is not done, the probability of it becoming so omnipresent, that tomatoes and potatoes grown here will be a thing of the past until, perhaps, resistant varieties (and only resistant as there are no guarantees) are developed.  More information and pictures may be found in a very good brochure form Cornel Extention. Phone:  631-727-7850 (given to me with a good discussion of this problem by David Folkosky at the Hayground farmers market) lateblight.org is a great site for information. There is also more information in my regular article in Dan’s Papers.

Growing vegetables is usually a very calm, rewarding and unthreatening endevor. Very seldom is the gardener given a sever and urgent message. This is one of those exceptions. Because this scurge affects all of us, please become informed and act responsibly.

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