Corn Prices Are So High, That One Rancher Is Feeding Candy To His Cows


Candy-fed beef may be coming to a Hamptons menu soon.

The drought going on in the United States right now is the worst in America‘s recorded history. The drought has completely destroyed corn fields that America uses to feed, well just about everybody and everything, and it has caused the price of corn to shoot through the roof. Because of this, ranchers are getting desperate on how to feed their cows and still make a profit. One rancher is Joseph Watson, who has made candy the main source of food for his 1,400 cows because it’s cheaper than corn. “It’s hard to believe it will work, but we’ve already seen the results of it now.”

You don’t think about the drought that much here in the Hamptons because this summer we’ve had enough rain, but when you go out to enjoy your filet mignon at one of our fine restaurants out here, this might get you thinking about what’s going on in the rest of the country. It’s spooky to say the least!

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