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Welcome to the first “Nancy Knows” intuitive advice column. Nancy Price is a highly gifted intuitive life coach who has clients from all over the country who seek her insights and advice. She is happy to answer your questions (see the end of this column for how to submit your questions), and will be here each month to share her knowledge and insights with readers.

Remember, September is the “Relationship Month.” Summer was a lot of fun, and the relationships were just that—a whole lot of fun. But this time of year is different. Destiny brings people together during the Harvest Time of the year in a unique way. In numerology, 9 (September) has to do with development. This is a great time for you to develop rich, expansive relationships, not only in love but also in business partnerships and community alliances.

Nancy Price
Nancy Price

Dear Nancy: I am a married woman, and have been with my husband for 17 years. Recently, I met a man that I think is my true “Soul Mate.” I do not believe in extramartial affairs, however I am having a very difficult time balancing my carnal desires with my moral convictions. Help! I am overwhelmingly drawn to having an affair with this new man, but I don’t want to ruin my marriage. What should I do?—Conflicted

Dear Conflicted: There is no such thing as one “Soul Mate.” We have been mated “soulfully” with many people in our many lifetimes. We may have experienced relationships in prior lifetimes in so many ways—we have had parents, children, siblings, lovers, etc. This new person that you are drawn to is obviously someone you have shared a prior lifetime with, and that is why you feel strongly about them. Never forget that we incarnate in clusters. But don’t become romantically involved with this person. You were meant to rediscover this soul, but not in a romantic way.  I see you becoming friends, and helping each other professionally in some way.

Dear Nancy: I’ve been dating a man who is 11 years older then myself for the past two months. He is a widower whose late wife died two years ago. He’s planning a wedding for his daughter this summer, and I just learned that I am not invited. Should I be insulted? Is this another dead-end dating story, or should I say nothing and keep him in my life?—Hurt

Dear Hurt: Stop being so selfish! Now is the time to be sensitive and understanding. This is a mature man who had an entire, full life before you came along. He recently lost his wife, and has only known you for two months. The way you react to him now will show him that you are mature enough to be a future partner. This is not all about you—he needs your support. But this man is the “real deal” and will make you very happy. Don’t blow it!

Dear Nancy: I’m looking for a job in sales and trying to decide between two opportunities. One job involves selling a product that I believe in, and the other position would require selling a product that I am lukewarm about—but it pays much more money than the other job. I have a family and I need to make a good income. What should I do?—Job Seeker

Dear Job Seeker: The answer is already clear. It’s common sense to know that you’ll be more successful selling a product that you believe in. But I truly believe that if you take the job selling the product you like, you’ll start out making less initially but will end up earning much more than you would at the other company. Follow your heart —it will pay off for you!

Dear Nancy: I’m a small-business owner. My daughter, who is married and has three children, wants to go into the family business with me. She’s certainly qualified, and has known this business all of her life. But I have reservations having her join the business because she has young children to take care of—my grandchildren. What happens when they get sick and she needs to stay home?—Family Biz

Dear Family Biz: You have been given an opportunity to understand the feminine side of business thanks to this new arrangement. As a nurturer, you’ll understand that there are times when family must come first.  I will tell you that your daughter will not abuse this time, and that she will be an excellent business partner that will eventually carry your business forward. Welcome her!

Dear Nancy: I have two children, both boys, who are as different as night and day. One of the boys is my pride and joy, but the other child brings me nothing but trouble. I want to love them equally, but I can’t.  What should I do?—Divided

Dear Divided: You have obviously had prior lifetime experience that was positive with the child that brings you joy. Your challenge is to love the other child—this was an adversarial relationship from a prior lifetime experience that was combative and difficult. Believe it or not, this is your opportunity to repair the relationship and to have unconditional love for a soul that you are bonded to. When you let your own guard down and let the love flow, you and this child will become very close and you will no longer feel negative towards him.

Dear Nancy: I have a sister who was dating a married man for many years and was finally dumped.  As a result, she’s drowning her sorrows in alcohol. I have confronted her, but she refuses to change and has recently decided to cut me out of her life. What should I do?—Caretaker

Dear Caretaker: I realize that you felt your confrontation with you sister was your moral obligation, however we all have a ” soul program,” which means that we are given certain issues to work out in our lives — and only we can heal these issues.  The issues of dating a married man, being dumped and now abusing alcohol belongs to your sister now. It’s her responsibility—it does not belong to you. Move on, but offer moral support from afar. She will plunge even deeper into her depression for several weeks, but will reemerge later this year as a better, more centered person.

Nancy will answer six questions per month free of charge for readers. To submit a question, go to Nancy’s website at, find the link on the top of the home page, and submit your question, along with your first name and last initial. Then check back here at to see if your question has been selected!

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