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Video: Rules of the Road for Biking in the Hamptons

I just don’t understand how a grown man can think it’s okay to ride his $5,000 bicycle in the middle of the street. I HATE Sagaponack cyclists—well, maybe not all of them. Just the ones like this. The Hamptons has these people all over the place, but they seem to have their headquarters in Sagaponack.

It’s just so stupid, and it seems to be a millionaires only club group of morons that do this. Freaking CHILDREN understand to bike on the side of the road. But apparently certain Sagaponack residents, or somebody riding through Sagaponack at the very least, do not.

It’s just not that hard to bike on the side of the road.

The guy in the video below was biking in the middle of the road for FIVE minutes while I was behind him, I finally had the sense to pick up my video camera and film him, and after about 30 seconds, he decides to move out of the way.

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