A Guide to Local Recycling Centers

With Hurricane Sandy behind us, you’re probably doing some cleaning in the coming days. The East End has handy transfer stations to take in all that man-made stuff in your garage or basement.

“The three Rs:” Reducing, Recycling and Reusing are becoming more popular. You only need to look at your local grocery store—now many consumers are using reusable bags. McDonalds is switching to brown paper bags and the water bottles we drink from now are made of thinner plastic. Many corporations are doing their part in hopes of creating a greener future for everyone.

There are countless benefits to recycling plastic, glass, paper and even electronics. It reduces the need for landfills, incineration, saves energy, decreases emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and conserves natural resources such as minerals, water and timber. By recycling you are helping to sustain the environment for future generations. Saving the world one can at a time.

I will be mentioning three towns on the East End that have transfer stations where you can drop off all of your recyclables and waste materials. These include Southampton, East Hampton and Sag Harbor. The Sag Harbor Recycling Center, which is located at 485 Main Street, is a transfer station where you can drop off cans, glass bottles, paper, corrugated cardboard and plastics(#1 and #2 only). This is available to all residents free of charge. Garbage must be in “green bags,” which may be purchased in advance at area stores. There is a drop-off bin for clothing and a receptacle for used motor oil.

The North Sea Recycling Center is located at 1370 Majors Path outside Southampton Village. They accept everything mentioned above plus electronic waste (including computers and ink cartridges), bulk items, furniture, construction debris, tires and propane tanks. You can even drop off your Christmas tree free of charge between the first of January and the 31st of January.

The town of Southampton prides itself on keeping the environment and especially the beaches free of trash and harmful waste. By working with them you are helping to make sure everyone has a beautiful beach to enjoy all year.

Lastly is the East Hampton Town Recycling and Composting Center, located at 260 Springs Fireplace Road. With a permit you will be able to recycle wet garbage and recyclable items. You can go on their website to find out what items they do accept and to learn about STOP days (Stop Throwing Out Pollution). They currently accept #1 and #2 plastics (Look for a “1” or “2” on the bottom of the bottle, inside the recycling logo). They also accept glass bottles, glass jars, corrugated cardboard, newspapers, batteries and electronics. Clothing may be donated. Hazardous waste is prohibited and construction and demolition debris is limited to one truckload.

On S.T.O.P days both Montauk and East Hampton residents are able to throw away hazardous household materials including cleaning supplies. These occur once a year at both the Montauk and East Hampton facilities.

So now that you have some information on different transfer stations on the East End, it’s time to do your part. Buy those reusable bags at your local grocery. Use your bottle of water over and over. Set aside a garbage can in your garage for bottles, cans and other recyclable items.

North Sea Recycling Center
1370 Majors Path, Southampton
631-283-5210  www.southamptontownny.gov

The Sag Harbor Recycling Center
458 Main St, Sag Harbor (AKA Sag Harbor-Bridgehampton Turnpike)

East Hampton Town Recycling & Composting Center
260 Springs Fireplace Rd, East Hampton

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