East End Gas Shortage Ending? What About Power?

The gas shortage that followed Sandy and has seen lines of cars backed up on both the South and North Forks—and across the rest of Long Island—should be coming to an end, says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. On Saturday Cuomo announced that gas would be coming to the area—8 million gallons of fuel had been delivered, he said, with another 28 million gallons on its way in the next two days. “We did have a shortage in fuel delivery because the tankers were not delivering,” said Cuomo. “That situation has been remediated. Do not panic.”

In addition to gasoline issues—and long lines and empty stations remain a situation that had most definitely not been remediated on the East End as of Saturday night—power outages continue to plague the island. LIPA has said it expects to have power back to 700,00o customers by Sunday night, and up to 90% of all customers who lost power should be up and running by Wednesday—when another storm is due to hit Long Island.

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