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An End Of An Era, Barrister’s In Southampton Is Closing. I’m Sad, But I Guess It Is Time.

Barrister’s is closing its doors according to the owner of the popular restaurant, Michael Ferran. The restaurant is a staple in Southampton for its good food at decent prices, as well as offering up a popular local bar scene.

Mr. Ferran is closing because he is in contract to sell the restaurant after putting the building on the market three years ago, Mr. Ferran’s partner, Richard McMahon, died of cancer in 2009 and that was when he decided to sell.

It will be sad to see this restaurant close. $5 burger nights will be missed dearly, but Mr. Ferran, who is 65 years old, is ready to move on.

Man this is weird to hear about. I’m gonna miss this place, but congrats is in order to Mr. Ferran, he really deserves it.

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