Christian the Lion—This YouTube Classic Will Still Make You Cry

This video has become a YouTube classic since it went viral in 2008. It’s  is a true story from the documentary Christian, the Lion who Thought he was People. This is one of many versions of the Christian video posted on the net. To watch the entire documentary, click here.

Here’s the description of the story from the full documentary post:

In 2008, a clip posted on YouTube featuring an emotional reunion between a young lion and his owners became an internet sensation. Overnight people wanted to know more about what lay behind this clip. The two men in question, Anthony Ace Bourke and John Rendall, have published an updated bestselling version of their account of how they came to buy Christian the Lion from a London‘s Harrods department store in the late 60s. They explain how they lived with the lion whilst working in a furniture shop down the King’s Road in what was then the tail end of the swinging 60s and how they eventually came to introduce their lion into the wild under the watchful eye of lion expert, George Adamson.

For the first time, this TV special filmed in 2009 pulls together this amazing story using up to date interviews with many of those involved in this unique story. It includes the original footage of Christian filmed in both London and Kenya, the reunion between the three and exclusive new footage of a second reunion which was to be the last time the two men would see Christian.

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