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Countdown to the 12-21-12 Apocalypse: Over the Hump

Did you miss us?

We’re past the halfway mark in our countdown to December 212012 or 12-21-12, and the Dan’s Hamptons expert Doomsday preppers are still bringing you proof that the apocalypse is really going to happen. Add it all up and by now you should be out having fun and raising hell. Shirk your responsibilities. The world is coming to an end on Friday!

Here’s why.


First, we should note the absence of a DAY 5 entry in the countdown. Yes, it’s true, there is indeed no DAY 5. It wouldn’t be right for us to tell you to blow off your responsibilities without leading by example, so we were our partying like the world is going to end. Know why? Because THE WORLD IS ENDING.

The proof?

Well, “I Survived 12-21-12T-shirts, of course.

Leave it to Americans to profit off of Armageddon. The best part is, no one will be around to wear the shirts after the Mayan calendar and the world conclude on Friday.

And if you were really bummed about our absence yesterday, here’s a special, belated DAY 5 entry just for you. Just turn up the volume and click here.

Check back tomorrow for DAY 7 evidence that the apocalypse will fall on December 21, 2012.

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