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SPCA on the Hunt to Save Impaled Goose

NOYAC: The Suffolk County SPCA was forced to rescind a $1,000 reward offer for info leading to the arrest and conviction of an unidentified person who impaled a Canada goose with an arrow in Noyac.

Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross said he’s still appalled by the act of animal cruelty, but he has learned that bow hunting is not illegal as long as hunters have the proper licenses and tags. A local resident observed and photographed the injured goose alive near Sag Harbor Cove and Long Beach Road, then reported it to the SPCA. Wildlife Rescue is currently trying to find the bird.

“It’s going to die a slow, agonizing death unless it’s captured and helped or humanely euthanized,” said Gross

Gross has asked anyone who sees the goose or has information about the shooter to call the Suffolk County SPCA at

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