Exciting Things Astir for Micky Paraskevas

Micky Parasekevas
Micky Parasekevas, michaelparaskevas.com

Michael Paraskevas is once again this year’s Dan’s Papers Memorial Day weekend cover artist, a great kick-off for the coming summer. The painting is from his new Random House book, Taffy Saltwater’s Yummy Summer Day. This year marks 25 years of Paraskevas working with Dan’s Papers. He wanted to know if he gets a watch to mark the event, but he hasn’t heard anything.

Don’t forget that his “Green Monkeys” comic can now be read daily online at thegreenmonkeys.com. You can meet Paraskevas at this year’s Authors Night at the East Hampton Library on August 11.

Taffy Saltwater Yummy Summer Day Paraskevas book


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