Shop ‘Til You Drop in the Hamptons: Get Your Shine On

I have a very simple theory: After you live in the country, you start listening to country. Inspired by both my boyfriend and fellow Dan’s Papers comrade Kelly Laffey, I’ve been singing along to Randy Houser’s “How Country Feels,” and my continuous favorite of the past few months—Florida Georgia Line’s “Get Your Shine On.” There is nothing better than driving home on a Friday, windows rolled down, breathing in the ocean air to these lyrics: Summer sky drippin’ rhinestones/Turn your party lights on/Baby get your shine on! Ok, so maybe the song has something to do with drinking (homemade jar o’lemon drop, take a sip) but this week I’m talking about a different sort of shine—the radiance that comes from taking good care of yourself. (And then partying!)

I often chuckle when remembering a friend’s astute observation, after a day at the beach: “Isn’t it funny how the sun, the same thing that gives energy, also takes it away?” Her words come to mind again as I’m noticing how the sun can give your hair a lustrous shine but can also dry it out. Salt water added to the mix, my strawberry blond locks turn blonder than ever but end up feeling like straw. If your hair suffers too, you simply must try Kendra Platinum Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner. In one shower, there is a notable improvement in texture and shine! Visit for salon locations or to purchase online.

Aside from shimmering hair, we all want glowing skin. Great news—you can get it overnight. Elemental Herbology came out with a trio of botanically-based hydrators combining the latest in scientific technology with high-performance natural ingredients. Founder Kristy Cimesa uses her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine to fuse the elements (water, earth, metal, fire and wood) into each product using only high-quality, bio-active ingredients. The result? They work. After cleansing and before bed, smooth some of the Facial Soufflé onto your face and wake up to hydrated, dewy skin. The Botanical Body Repair also restores moisture in the form of a luxurious body oil that is quickly absorbed and non-greasy. All products are available at

No matter how many great products you use, a sparkling shine does really come from within. So tap into your spirituality, let go of negative emotions, do some good and, of course, eat your veggies. And omegas. And the list goes on. If you’ve been nutritionally slacking, or subsiding on snacks from 7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts (both situated way too close to the Dan’s Papers offices) like me, then it’s time to kick into high gear and make a little visit to the Juice Press. They make it easy to get a ton of nutrients down the hatch all at once by cold-pressing organic produce into delicious juices. I’m a fan of “Drink Your Salad,” made up of carrot, celery, spinach and parsley. Feeling hungrier? Go for a smoothie like Chocolate Raspberry Kiss, which is made of hemp milk, raspberry, almond butter, raw cacao and agave nectar. Yum! Once you’ve replaced processed foods with healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables your skin, and your mood, will be shining. The new Hamptons location is at 93 Main Street, Southampton. Visit .

Okay, now for some fun. Channel those laid-back country-music video girls and get yourself a cute pair of shorts from Blue & Cream in East Hampton. Recently teamed up with Havaianas, Blue & Cream is now offering the largest assortment of Havaianas imaginable. We’ll have to ask Kelly where to get the cowboy boots. Stay tuned. Blue and Cream is located at 60 The Circle, East Hampton. Give them a call at 631-329-1392 or take a peek at

Have a special event coming up that you want to look extra gorgeous for? BYOUTIK, a new and unique service of expert aestheticians that come to your home, now has an app for your phone that allows you to book appointments. Amazing. Visit and get the app.

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