God…Bless…Freaking…America!!!! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!

It’s the Fourth of July in the Hamptons. The weather is perfect today…I mean, I don’t see how the weather here could be any better. The sun is shinning, it’s not to hot out, there are these poetic clouds in the sky, there are families smiling up and down Main Street, everybody is getting ready to go to the beach or to get some ice-cream…it’s like damn movie set out here.

There really are few things about my life that I appreciate. I think its normal to not appreciate everything that you have. I rarely acknowledge to myself how lucky I am to live in a safe country, have plenty to eat, my health, a roof over my head…I frequently take it all for granted.

But if there is one thing that I’ve never taken for granted for as long as I’ve been able to remember, it is this type of magical summer day in the Hamptons.

I’m from here. I was born in Southampton hospital, I grew up in East Hampton, I went to grade school in Sag Harbor, graduated from East Hampton High School, lived year round in Montauk, and now I live year round in Southampton and there really isn’t a day go by in the summer time that I don’t fully appreciate how amazing it is here on a day like today. Simply put, there isn’t a single year that has gone by in my life where I didn’t fully appreciate how fortunate I am to be living out here during the summer time. Locals all have it in our blood, no matter what, we just can’t help ourselves, we like it here, even if we don’t like certain people, we can’t let this place go, it’s just too important.

I hope you’re enjoying your Fourth of July like I am today. I hope you get it. Don’t waste it.

When I think about the rest of my life, it seems like this long stretch of time, it seems like there is a lot of living to be done, but when I think about summer, and when I think about how I’m 30 years old and that I’d be lucky to have 50 more Fourth of July summer days in the Hamptons in front of me, the thought that goes through my head is, “That’s really not that many!”

And the truth is that it isn’t that many, so cherish today, it’s the day that America was freaking born, and your spending it in the Hamptons. It just doesn’t get any better. Trust me. I know.

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