Nan Goldin: Wish You Were Here at QF Gallery

Nan Goldin, Jens and Clemens embracing, Paris 2001
Nan Goldin, Jens and Clemens embracing, Paris 2001

QF Gallery in East Hampton is presenting a selection of photographs by Nan Goldin from the 1980s–present, entitled Wish You Were Here.

Curated by Carrie Mackin, the show is Goldin’s first with QF Gallery. The collection of arresting images reveal a rather conspicuous side of spirit and leisure, taken in various locations, from the artist’s home of 30 years in Sag Harbor, to her countless summers abroad.

Known for her intensely personal, sexual and confrontational images depicting friends, family and lovers, all of the pictures at QF Gallery likewise focus on the very private, candid world of relationships—conceivable this time through a softer lens. Couples are seen in the thralls of affection in the moment, reveling in an embrace or kiss. Mothers and women are captured enjoying peace and serenity, a beautiful friend with face turned up to the sun floats and a blonde-haired woman sunbathes with her children, eyes closed with the sun’s rays casting deep shadows.

In a child’s world, Goldin shows kids often frozen in play or role-play, androgynous and innocent. Twin girls hop on a trampoline while another, inside a convenience store, is decked-out in camouflage, complete with face-paint. Like most of Goldin’s iconic images, she reveals as much about these individuals as she does of herself.

Goldin’s work has been exhibited in major retrospectives around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Her photographs and video are represented in important private and public collections globally. Recently, her Scopophilia exhibition was part of Patrice Chéreau’s special 2011 program at the Louvre. Goldin was admitted to the French Legion of Honor in 2006, she received the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in 2007 and, most recently, she was awarded the 2012 Edward MacDowell medal.

The artist lives and works in Paris, Berlin, and New York.

The show’s curator, Carrie Mackin is an art and business consultant living in New York City. She has recently joined Hilton Moore Partners as the Director of Fine Art, a private fund investing in contemporary art, rare books and wine. During the summer months she spends her time in East Hampton as Director of Special Projects for QF Gallery. Mackin has had the unique opportunity to work with artists such as Mickalene Thomas, Wangechi Mutu, E.V. Day, Hank Willis Thomas, Josephine Meckseper and others.

QF Gallery is located at 98 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. Call 347-324-6619 or visit for more info.

Nan Goldin, Valerie floating in the sea
Nan Goldin, “Valerie Floating in the Sea”

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