Net-A-Porter Will Ship You A Fendi Bag To The Hamptons Within Hours By Seaplane is an online service that you can buy fashionable clothes on and will deliver it to your door via UPS. However, if you are in the Hamptons and willing to pay a little extra, they’ll send you the damn item via sea plane in a matter of hours thanks to a new relationship with the seaplane company StndAIR.

I’m not kidding.

This means that there is hope out there for some ridiculously rich guy on the East End with a difficult wife who is PISSED OFF  that her servant forgot to pack her favorite PETER PILOTTO top and she NEEDS IT NOW!

The answer to calm her down in this situation is to send in the sea plane baby!

This story gives me a vision of a sea plane flying over the Hamptons and airdropping Fendi bags via parachute like they are invading the front line. But there will be no parachutes to your home. Instead, the plane will land in the water and then they’ll drive it over to your house.

I have a horrible feeling that there will come a day when a drone will be able to make this delivery while your sitting pool side. Now that’s just asking for trouble. Am I the only one around here that has seen the movie Terminator 2?

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