Beyonce Cut Her Hair… Yup, That’s the News

Beyonce Haircut
Beyonce's new haircut, via Instagram


In the early hours of Thursday morning, August 8, Hamptons visitor Beyonce shocked the world with three Instagram photos of her new short haircut. The superstar pop diva chopped off her beloved weave, and the hair attached to it, in favor of a very short, blonde pixie cut—similar to that of Miley Cyrus and Susan Powter.

And her move seems to be the ultimate internet troll, as a heated battle over her locks exploded online today. Twitter has been aflame all day, with devastated and supportive fans clashing over, and speculating about, Bey’s new do. Take a look: #beyonce.

Is the haircut a result of her embarrassing “fan incident,” when Beyonce’s mane got tangled up in a fan during her July 22 performance in Montreal? Is it a move to prevent ever being shamed again? Lip-synching the National Anthem caused enough unscripted blushing for one 12-month cycle, wasn’t it?

Beyonce Haircut

Here’s what the Twitter-sphere is saying:

TMZ asked tweeters to answer the burning question, “What’s #ShorterThanBeyoncesHair?” ThingsGirlsLike @Things4chicks says girls like: “Cutting their hair today because they saw Beyonce’s haircut,” and Alyson Stoner @AlysonOnTour tweeted: “Considering a Kickstarter: raise funds toward finding/resewing each strand of hair to Beyonce’s scalp.”

Meanwhile, Bossip @Bossip points out, “Bey The Biter? Women Who Rocked The Short Hair Before Beyonce.”

And, sadly, Superman ‏@SupermanTweets notes, “@Beyonce cut her hair & the Internet exploded … I cut my curl nobody noticed.”

Poor, neglected Superman. You thought you were an American icon!

Beyonce Haircut

The real question remains, was Beyonce’s hair like this, hiding under weaves and wigs all along?

We ask you to sound off! Was it like this already? What does hubby Jay-Z think? Is the haircut a result of her fan faux pas? Is it bold and exciting? Sleek and sexy? Stupid and dumb? Are you crying yourself to sleep tonight? Let us know!

Until then, let’s enjoy a moment of silence…

Beyonce Hair
R.I.P. Beyonce’s Hair (1981 – 2013)

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