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Plum Island—The Ultimate Adventure Theme Park?

There has been quite a battle brewing over the potential sale of Plum Island to developers. This conflict for and against possible development has been building since Congress said it would close the mysterious infectious animal diseases research lab there and move the operation to Kansas, but so far nothing has been decided.

One federal agency has a report in the works about a potential sale, and Long Island officials are considering zoning Plum Island to block any major new development on its mostly beautiful (aside from the three-eyed fish and hairless raccoon monsters) 843 acres. Let’s not even discuss those who say no development can occur because a wooly mammoth was unearthed there—it happened in Massachusetts, folks.

Allow me to make this easy for everyone. Plum Island need not be developed, much, beyond what already exists there. As it is, the facility and its lush natural surrounds would make the perfect place to open an Island of Doctor Moreau-esque, Most Dangerous Game-inspired adventure theme park, perfectly designed for the world’s more unique travelers. The place already has the history and folklore to set the scene—even the buildings are already in place.

Imagine: A group of intrepid visitors pay a hefty fee ahead of time for this “ultimate survival horror experience,” and soon find themselves landing ashore on a small boat with only a simple bag of clothes and must-have items slung over their shoulders. From there, this “Monster Island” adventure begins with orientation, a tour, some ground rules and safety, and eventually some training for insurance purposes. The group enjoys a last meal together (totally gourmet, of course) and a little dinner theater to set the plot before the real fun starts.

Now they are thrown into a genuinely terrifying story where they must survive their stay while avoiding the mad doctor’s mutant creatures, or facing them head-on with paintball or airsoft gun in hand.

Who wouldn’t pay for that? I could see corporate team-building seminars, family vacations, singles trips and paranormal investigations—all taking full advantage of Plum Island’s storied past and the host of crazy rumors about it. One rarely reads about the famous “Montauk Monster” without mention of the secret research conducted on this secluded spot. For many, the chance to explore it would be impossible to resist.

Even better, film a reality show there to give it maximum cachet, then open its doors to the public—the ones willing to pay enough, anyway.

ABC News says the new lab will cost $1.1 billion. How long could it take to pay back if the Plum Island Adventure Resort is a hit? This new lab has to be built regardless, so wouldn’t any profits be gravy at this point? Besides, it would be a shame to see the island’s past forgotten or its beauty destroyed by large-scale development.

Anyone care to invest?

Plum Island
Plum Island
Plum Island
Plum Island

Anyone have a better idea?

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