Tumbleweed Tuesday Could Be a Misnomer

Tumbleweed Tuesday
Tumbleweed Tuesday returns in the Hamptons, Photos: Oliver Peterson, VancityAllie.com, Flickr

So, Labor Day has come and gone and the Hamptons has survived yet another busy summer. Can you hear that? Yup, it’s called quiet.

Folks have taken to calling this day “Tumbleweed Tuesday” on the East End, but I found some videos that have convinced me this name might not be so apt. When I watch the video of tumbleweeds below, they look a lot more like the chaos in our high season than this peaceful reprieve. Well, aside from the laughter and gleeful sounds coming from behind the camera. We definitely reserve those for September through May.

Take a closer look at the fence around 1:35—it’s a lot like lining up to get into The Surf Lodge on a Saturday in August.

Misnomer or not, take some deep breaths and celebrate this Tumbleweed Tuesday. Drive from Hampton Bays to Montauk in 25 minutes. Sit where you want at the movie theater tonight. Order something crazy at Starbucks or Hampton Coffee Company, sit down and drink it, and then order another one in the span of 15 minutes. It’s all good, you’re among family now.

Let your freak flag fly, baby. We’re all local here.

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