Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Mixing Prints – Get Playful! Be Daring!

Amy Zerner Coat Mixing prints
Amy Zerner's mixed print coat

Everyone loves wearing a print pattern once in a while, but the idea of mixing two different prints can either be a fashion “do” or “don’t.” Mixing prints is all about pairing patterns that you might otherwise never put together, like wearing the gold leopard-printed pants with a purple flowered shirt.

Try wearing both the colors and shades in the prints that pick up the details of each clothing item. A simple way to start practicing your mixing abilities is to try on pieces from your closet that have different patterns – like digital prints, abstract shapes – and pair more subtle, toned down pattern pieces with a bolder piece. You can tie it together with a solid color cardigan or hose.

When creating your own unique style, you will develop the confidence to be creative with fashion, to mix and match what flatters your shape and personality, and discard what doesn’t. Fashion should always be fun, so experiment, be daring, and make it work for you.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and designer.

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