50 Things the Hamptons Are Thankful For

Hamptons Gives Thanks for Minions
zigazou76/flickr creative commons

There are many things to be thankful for here on the East End of Long Island. So many, in fact, that trying to write a list would undoubtedly become an endless effort in futility. But getting others to compile such a list is a different story. And a shorter one, too. In a thoroughly unscientific survey, we asked a random number of people—residents, visitors, friends, complete strangers—what they are thankful for, and the result is this wide-ranging rundown of 50 reasons why people are giving thanks in the Hamptons on this Thanksgiving and, presumably, all year long:

My mom and dad, Coopers Beach, chocolate chip cookies, scallops, being able to go driving on the beach, my Uggs, getting together with family, good health, the Yankees, sunny days, our troops around the world, my son, my dogs, not having to work on Thanksgiving, Pandora, Bay Street Theatre, lobster rolls, the sound of laughter, being an American, Ditch Plains, being able to surf all year, good wine, my daughter, all our farm stands, Briermiere raspberry cream pie, having a job, Minions, paddle boarding, my engagement ring, Peconic River, Winter Lager, being able to watch sunsets from my kitchen window, no traffic today, people taking care of the environment, stuffing, all the artists who capture the beauty of where we live, my grammi and gramps, foie gras, sailboats, hiking, GPS, no hurricanes this summer, the Jets, my phone, being able to climb the Montauk Lighthouse, my friends, waking up this morning, hot coffee, freedom, Dan’s Papers.

This last one, while completely and utterly unsolicited, undoubtedly gives us here at Dan’s Papers a tremendous thing for which to be particularly thankful—you.

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