Hamptons Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts: Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon gets pierced by Harrison Ford
Jimmy Fallon gets pierced by Harrison Ford, Photo: jimmyfallon Instagram

Amagansett resident and Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is the first in our new South O’ the Highway series of the Hamptons Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts.

Fallon earns his place on the list with wide range of pictures that give fans a look into his daily life, a behind the scenes view of his job at Late Night, his travels (including a couple shots on the East End), commentary about current events and news, odd moments, books he’s reading, food he’s eating, and even a few jokes that start in one photo and deliver the punchline in another.

Below you’ll find a selection of pics that we think best show why Jimmy Fallon (jimmyfallon) is a true celebrity Instagram master. Thanks, Jimmy!

Keep your eye out for the next installment of our Hamptons Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts soon!

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