Dan’s Papers 2013: The Year in Covers

Just some of the 2013 Dan's Papers covers...
Just some of the 2013 Dan's Papers covers...

For nearly five decades, Dan’s Papers‘ famous covers have become an iconic piece of the Hamptons fabric. Hundreds of artists submit their work each year, but only a select few are chosen to make their mark in this enduring legacy.

Whether they’re famous or not so famous, old guard or new school, returning or first-timers, Dan’s Papers picks the very best artists to represent the publication and capture that certain something that makes these covers feel right. The slide show below goes through our year in covers, from the first in January to the last in December, plus our award-winning, in-house-designed supplements for each season.

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To be considered for a future cover, including our many open spots in 2014, please submit your work to: [email protected]. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us your favorite cover of 2013 — we’d love to know!

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