East Hampton Village Police Put Trespassing, Trysting Officer on Leave

East Hampton Village Police Department
East Hampton Village Police Department

A 31-year-old East Hampton village cop has had his badge and gun taken away following a trespassing incident with a 20-year-old civilian part-time employee of the village, the police department said Friday.

According to an incident report, another  police officer responded to a Talmage Lane home on December 30 after guests arriving at the residence called 911 to report they encountered a couple in the house. The officer also spoke over the phone with the homeowner, who said “no one should be in the house” and that he wishes to pursue charges.

However, on Friday police said the homeowner is not seeking charges against the male police officer, who the department did not identity, nor the 20-year-old woman, who had been a part-time housekeeper as the residence.

The nine-year police officer, who is a patrolman, has been on leave ever since the day of the incident. Though the homeowner is not pursuing charges, the department stated that an internal investigation continues and further departmental action is expected.

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