Hamptons Rich Guy Toy #557: Seabreacher – The Ultimate Diving Machine

Seabreacher is the ultimate rich guy diving toy
Seabreacher X is the ultimate rich guy diving toy, seabreacher.com

When riding on the water just isn’t enough, Hamptons rich guys can look to the Seabreacher X, Y or J — all three representing a dramatic breakthrough in recreational boating.

Shaped like a sleek blue shark, a killer whale or a friendly dolphin, this “Ultimate Diving Machine” will fly above chop and below the depths—all in one ride. For the relatively low price of $69,000 – $90,000, the Seabreacher is unlike any watercraft you’ve experienced, including that genuine WWII PT Boat. Driving this bad boy is more like piloting an airplane, or a large aquatic animal, than a boat.

Seabreacher Cockpit
Seabreacher Cockpit, seabreacher.com

It has a full three-axis of control, allowing the craft to carve left and right, as well as jump over, dive under and cut through the waves. The Seabreacher features a large acrylic canopy and underwater view ports that give pilot and passenger a 360-degree view as it rips through the water with as much as a 260 hp supercharged engine.

Depending on your choice of model (J, X or Y), these submersible crafts come with working tail fins and wings, snorkel mounted cameras with live cockpit video feed, marine audio system with iPod/iPhone docking station, GPS navigation, fully customized upholstered interior, custom powder coated hardware and—one of the coolest parts—a fully custom paint job!

Seabreacher with custom WWII fighter paint
Seabreacher with custom WWII fighter paint, seabreacher.com

A quick look on seabreacher.com will reveal a host of creative and exciting paint ideas/options, but the only real limit is one’s imagination. Seabreachers have been made to look like World War II fighter planes from both the Luftwaffe and American Air Force, as well as various types of shark, whale shark, killer whales (especially for the Seabreacher Y, which is modeled after the orca), “Dr. Evil’s Bionic Dolphin,” tiger stripes, hot rod flames, NFL team logos and colors, and so much more—though they come standard with a two-tone design.

The result of more than a decade of “meticulous engineering and extensive testing” by Innespace Productions of Northern California, the Seabreacher is a safe and stable watercraft that can endure the continuous punishment of the sea. The sculpted body is a sight to behold, “like the twisted union of a marine mammal and a high performance fighter jet,” especially as it drops down beneath the water and comes hurtling back out and up into the air, sometimes completely exiting the water and reaching angles as sharp as 90 degrees.

Seabreacher gets some air
Seabreacher gets some air, seabreacher.com

Seabreachers are being bought up by more wealthy folks overseas than by discerning Americans (and they’re keeping them on their yachts) so it’s now time for the first Hamptons rich guy to own this wonderful toy. Imagine getting one painted and customized to match your 1966 Batmobile—it doesn’t get much cooler than that—or have it made to look like Frank Mundus‘ famous Montauk great white shark! The possibilities are endless and intriguing.

Find out more at seabreacher.com.

Dr. Evil's Bionic Dolphin Seabreacher
Dr. Evil’s Bionic Dolphin Seabreacher, seabreacher.com

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