Police Officer, Village Employee May Have Trespassed in House for Tryst

East Hampton Village Police Department
East Hampton Village Police Department

The East Hampton Village Police Department curiously sent out an individual incident report on Wednesday—which was very heavily redacted—regarding a trespassing incident alleged to have occurred the morning of Dec. 30

According to the report, a police officer responded to a Talmage Lane home after guests arriving at the residence called 911 to report they encountered a couple in the house.

“Upon arrival they located two subjects inside the residence that were not authorized to be there,” the report states.

The officer spoke with the two alleged trespassers, who the report only identified as “Suspect #1” and “Suspect #2.” The former was a 31-year-old man and all other identifying information was redacted—however, his listed phone number was the police station’s number. The latter was a woman, with no age given and other information redacted.

The officer also spoke over the phone with the homeowner, who said “no one should be in the house” and that he wishes to pursue charges.

Why this incident report was singled out for distribution to the media—and why the two alleged trespassers were not immediately arrested—was not made clear. But then today, Thursday, The East Hampton Star reports that the couple was a village police officer and a village employee. The guests left the house and called police without the couple even knowing anyone had been there, The Star reports.

The incident was listed as third-degree criminal trespass, a class B misdemeanor. The report states that detectives are following up on the matter.

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