Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 13: “Hatred”

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Conrad Grayson shows his secret for getting by in the Hamptons

Ladies and gentleman, we arrive at our final Revenge episode until March, when the show moves to its new 10 p.m. timeslot. This episode (lucky number 13!) doesn’t exactly scream “midseason finale” — the wedding episode did a great job of that by itself — but there are some cool developments. Read on for Revenge Season 3: Episode 13, “Hatred.”

“Life is a great sunrise.” Emily’s father used to say when he woke her every day — until he went to jail. Now she wakes to a sunrise and burning hate. Apparently this causes her to pull out her stitches in her sleep. When Doc Niko tries to help her, Emily forces a stunned Niko to cauterize her with a fire poker. This is going to be one interesting episode…

Nolan goes to confront Patrick at Victoria’s ill-gotten gallery. Patrick tries to apologize, but Nolan calls him “sick” (I’ve been saying this for months). Nolan then presents Patrick with a police report from 1974. Apparently someone else was searching for Patrick, too, and Victoria tried to conceal it from him.

Jack and Margaux take a nice stroll with baby Carl in tow. After a sweet exchange about feeling like she’s part of a family when she wakes up at Jack’s place, they stop at a newsstand (IN MONTAUK!? OK, just to be clear: There are no newsstands in Montauk) and Margaux excitedly flips through the latest Voulez to see her article… but it’s not what she wrote. Livid, she heads to the office.

Emily finds Conrad packing some things. He’s hurt that she would throw Lydia under the bus. After Conrad tells Emily he’s staying at the South Fork Inn and to find him when things get bad, the maid says Margaux called with an emergency. Emily then knocks on Daniel’s door and finds him naked with Sara. Oh, Daniel. You just put a target on the poor girl from Montauk…

Later, Sara phones her mother and says she’s hard at work… as she lounges by the pool. She hangs up when Emily gets in her sun. The two trade barbs, and Emily says Sara is only going to embarrass Daniel. “Because I’m trash?” Sara asks, taking the bait all too easily. She then puts down her water bottle and calls out to the helper, “A glass of Cristal, please!” Emily rolls her eyes as Sara puts on her sunglasses and looks away, aware of her pathetic attempt.

After meeting Niko in Aiden’s room, Nolan is not too happy his house is becoming the Takeda’s Revenge School Alumni Association. Neither is Aiden, mainly because Niko can’t stop talking about avenging her father’s death. (They already have more “revenge” than they can handle…)

Margaux and Daniel try to get to the bottom of the article switcheroo. After learning that Margaux’s assistant moved to Europe, the two get word that Voulez is being sued by Conrad for libel. Daniel figures that Conrad must have planted the article.

Patrick confronts Victoria about “Jimmy,” his biological father. He demands to know more, but Vicky refuses to give him answers, only saying that he is not the father Patrick deserves. Victoria then heads home, and runs into Daniel. She isn’t happy that Sara’s hanging around, and tells Daniel he needs to get rid of Emily, noting that his mistress is a “soft target.” He goes to see his estranged wife, who just went on a shopping spree; Daniel tells her she’ll be cleaning up after herself from now on — he fired the entire staff when gossip got spread about Sara. “The fact that you still think I’m an idiot makes me laugh,” he says (oh, the irony). Patrick tells Victoria about his horrible upbringing with the Osbournes (his unloving father and dead mother). Victoria feels terrible (for once).

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Nolan pays Emily a visit and they debrief on the Daniel situation. After deciding that Sara has to go, Emily asks how Aiden’s doing. Nolan accidentally let slip that Niko and Aiden are together and she runs off and goes for a swim! She gets more and more angry as she does laps and blacks out (the first of several in tonight’s episode). Next thing we see, a disoriented Emily is at Nolan’s place and she has a huge confrontation with Aiden. How did she get there?

Conrad, Daniel and Margaux sit down to discuss the Voulez lawsuit. Conrad promises he will drop the lawsuit on one condition: Margaux fires Daniel and sells Conrad his son’s shares of Voulez. Margaux shockingly agrees, enraging Daniel, but she asserts that it’s the right thing to do — otherwise, the magazine and Daniel will be ruined.

Nolan goes to confront Niko about staying at his house and finds her chopping mangos. He sees Takeda’s autopsy on the kitchen counter and utters “Oh. Em. Gee.” Niko has deduced that Takeda was killed by his own katana. We then learn that Niko is cutting the mango so she can learn to separate skin from flesh. “Did you want to say something to me?” she asks. Nolan shakes his head and hurries off.

Daniel heads home and Sara has prepared (by herself) a lovely candlelit evening with him. He’s upset about his Voulez ouster and she comforts him.

Victoria finds Patrick at a dive bar (and it’s not even in Montauk!), where he plans to meet his father — Jimmy’s construction company said this is his favorite watering hole. Patrick tells his mother to get lost, and she trips and drops her purse on the way out. She goes to pick it up, but JIMMY gets it for her, never recognizing Victoria. She nearly faints, but Patrick helps steady her and then takes her back to his place, where she recounts how he was conceived.

After being molested by another of her mother’s lovers, Victoria moved out and became friends with their neighbor Jimmy. She trusted him, until he brutally raped her in the basement of their apartment building. Jimmy then stalked her and baby Patrick until she finally gave Pat up for adoption and took a scholarship to study art in Paris. Priorities, man!

Margaux drops by Jack’s and doesn’t want to bore him with the details of the magazine, probably because Jack will freak out if he finds out she made a deal with Conrad. Jack tells Margaux that he wants to move into a real house with a yard…with her. She’s moved by the declaration and the two embrace.

Back at the Grayson manse, Emily surprises Daniel and Sara with a visit from Sara’s mother. Ms. Munello tries to school her daughter in right and wrong, but Sara refuses to go with her. “You’re no longer a daughter of mine,” she hisses. “Good luck, Emily. I’m sorry for your pain,” she sighs on the way out. Sara runs up the stairs in tears. Emily smiles as Daniel goes to comfort her.

With Nolan’s help, Aiden starts fabricating evidence about Takeda’s murder and tells Niko to go to Europe to avenge him. Niko realizes he wants to be with Emily and agrees to track Takeda’s killer alone. Nolan tells Aiden that the man they’re framing for Takeda’s murder set the bomb Conrad used to kill Declan. Aiden is glad Niko is leaving town. As Niko packs her things, she drops something and when she kneels down, she finds Takeda’s katana under Aiden’s bed! Yes. Aiden kept his murder weapon under his bed.

After Sara realizes that this glamorous, carefree lifestyle isn’t for her and leaves Daniel — “Emily ruined my relationship with my mother and that was just her first swing” — he confronts Emily, and in a rage, grabs her by the neck and shoves her onto the bed. Daniel tells Emily how much he despises her, and then she blacks out (again)…

…And wakes up at the South Fork Inn. In Conrad’s bed.

In the episode’s final moments, we meet Conrad’s first wife, Stevie Grayson, as she prepares to leave California for the Hamptons.

Closing Thoughts: Emily blacks out and has sex with Conrad?! There must be more to it. And I was NOT expecting Niko to discover the truth about her father’s murder so soon.

Best Moment: Emily forces Niko to cauterize her.
Worst Moment: The scene where Daniel lashes out at Emily felt a little forced, mainly because it felt like a scene from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Quote of the Night: “Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe.” — Daniel to Emily
Question of the Week: Who angrily confronted Daniel about Sara at an Asian fusion steakhouse in Season 1?

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Conrad hands over the key to the Hamptons…

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