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2014 Hamptons International Film Festival Begins Accepting Submissions

The Hamptons International Film Festival has opened the floodgates to submissions for its 22nd annual fest coming in October.

The early submission deadline is April 7. Filmmakers will be notified around September 14 if their shorts or features have been selected. To be considered a short film, the runtime may be no more than 40 minutes. The festival screens both narrative films and documentaries.

For a documentary or narrative short, the early submission fee is $45. The fees than escalate to $60 by May 5, $80 by June 2 and $95 for the extended deadline, June 16. For a feature film, the fee starts at $60. The early fee for student films is $35.

Films may compete for a coveted Golden Starfish Award.

To submit, click here.

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