Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza Reunite for the Super Bowl

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander in "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander in "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." Credit:

There was a big surprise for fans of Seinfeld during half time of the Super Bowl—Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza had coffee.

While that may not sound like a big deal to those who never watched the show, trust fans when they say, “It is.”

Jerry Seinfeld has not reprised the role of the titular character of the show once since its 1998 series finale—until now, that is. And it was the first time Jason Alexander stepped back into the shoes of George Costanza.

Many rumors swirled when they two actors were scene walking into Tom’s Restaurant a few weeks ago, but no one knew what it was really for until Sunday, when all was revealed. The scene takes place during half time. Jerry and George go out for food over George’s protestations; Jerry assures George that the DVR is recording the game and they won’t miss any of the second half.

Only an excerpt was aired during half time. The whole short was posted to Crackle as an episode of Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The show typically depicts candid conversations between Seinfeld and his guests, but this scripted, in-character episode was an exception.

Jerry’s nemesis, Newman, (Wayne Knight) also makes an appearance.

Watch the full episode at

Seinfeld’s next guest is fellow Hamptonite Howard Stern, coming February 6.

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