‘Revenge’ Star Daniel Grayson Is Cheating in the Hamptons

Revenge Daniel Grayson Cheater Meme
Daniel Grayson has been seen with his alleged mistress in East Hampton, Photo: ABC

Star of ABC hit reality show Revenge and Southampton newlywed Daniel Grayson was spotted in East Hampton last weekend canoodling with Montauk barmaid Sara Munello, further fueling rumors that the honeymoon is over between Grayson and his wife, Emily Grayson (née Thorne).

The new Mrs. Grayson—who was allegedly shot by former Grayson Global employee Lydia Davis on the family yacht on the night of her wedding!—has been spending less and less time in public with her hubby, instead taking leisurely beach walks with cyber billionaire Nolan Ross and doing intense physical therapy with an unnamed (beautiful) therapist.

Munello, who works full-time at Montauk’s seaside Stowaway bar, hails from East Montauk and was hired by the couple to make their wedding cake. While the cake was a hit with the newlyweds and the guests, many found it strange that the small-time aspiring pastry chef was hired to make the cake for the wedding event of the season.

A source (who wishes to remain anonymous) believes there’s more going on than meets the eye. “‘Danny Boy is responsible for Miss Munello’s permanent spinal injury,” says the sassy source. “He basically maimed her in a drunk driving incident, and now they’re hooking up behind Em… Mrs. Grayson’s back? Bitch, please. She should go back to hanging her clothes on a laundry line.”

Many are concerned that the rumored affair is leading to self-destructive behavior. Another source states, “I saw Daniel and the bar wench wandering around the East Montauk Farmers Market eating a carton of organic strawberries. Did they even wash them first? Hello!”

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Revenge returns to ABC in its new 10 p.m. time slot on Sunday, March 9.

Daniel Grayson and Sara Munello
Daniel Grayson and alleged mistress Sara Munello of Montauk, Photo: ABC

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