Jimmy Fallon Saved by Hamptons Tow Trucker

Jimmy Fallon shares his beach disaster on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show on NBC
Jimmy Fallon shares his beach disaster on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show on NBC

Local tow truck driver Elisha Osborn got the shout out of a lifetime on Monday when Jimmy Fallon told his millions of The Tonight Show viewers that Osborn and Hammer Towing (hammertowing.com) saved him from an embarrassing snafu at Peter’s Pond beach in Sagaponack on Sunday evening.

Nearly 10 minutes into Monday night’s episode, Fallon relayed the story of how he decided to do “the manly thing” and take his Range Rover—with wife and infant daughter on board—for a spin on the sand. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

“I had kind of a stressful day yesterday,” Fallon said, explaining how his beach driving experiment quickly went south as the car began “hydroplaning on the sand” and moving out of control. “It’s just awful,” the talk show host laughed, noting that things went from bad to worse when he attempted exiting the beach at Peter’s Pond and got very deeply stuck.

Jimmy Fallon shows stuck Range Rover on The Tonight Show on NBC

“I didn’t know what to do, I called 911,” Fallon admitted, only to be told, “Don’t call 911, you idiot, call a tow trucking company.”

As luck would have it, the local celeb found Elisha Osborn and Hammer Towing, and it’s likely he couldn’t resist calling the company with, as Fallon put it, “a comedy name.” On the show, Fallon mentioned both Osborn and his company by name, while displaying Osborn’s business card, which features an amusing graphic of a busted foot.

Jimmy Fallon Hammer Towing Card

“The guy’s name is Elisha Osborn—he totally saved me, pulled me out,” Fallon said, adding, “He had a really funny joke…he looks at us and he goes, ‘You know you can’t park there.'”

Osborn said he didn’t answer the first time Fallon called because the number was blocked, but he finally picked up when the funnyman called a second time, first calling himself simply “Jim,” and then adding, “Jim Fallon.”

“He almost made it,” Osborn remarked, recalling the tow. “You couldn’t ask for a nicer guy,” he said, pointing out that Fallon, while a bit embarrassed, was very at ease and not uptight or overly stressed, as his tow clients often are. Osborn said he’d met Fallon walking on the beach once before, but the meeting was obviously more memorable for him than the former Saturday Night Live cast member and late night host.

Osborn said being mentioned on Monday’s Tonight Show was the ultimate shout out. “My name’s not easy to remember,” he added, explaining that he didn’t have a receipt book or his business cards with him when he helped Fallon, but luck was on his side. “I had to pull that card off the floor of my truck,” Osborn said.

A longtime fan of Fallon, Osborn said the comedian speaks to his generation, to people in their 30s and 40s. “Once he took over The Tonight Show—now I’m watching it,” Osborn said, noting that he his business are named on The Tonight Show Episode 26 Wikia page. And because of the mention on Monday, Hammer Towing has already received a couple of phone calls from out of state and some Hammer Towing T-shirt requests.

Watch below to see Jimmy Fallon relay the story on the Monday, March 24 episode of The Tonight Show on NBC.

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