Revenge Top 5: Cast Members and the Roles They’ve Played

Revenge Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Revenge Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As Season 3 of Revenge winds down, you may wonder how you’re going to cope each week without seeing the beautiful faux-Hamptonites on the small screen. Worry not! Thanks to the magic of streaming media (and DVD and Blu-ray), you can see your favorite actors from Revenge in lots of other TV series and movies. Here are just a few.

Madeleine Stowe (Victoria)
Before she scared audiences into submission as the icy Victoria Grayson, Stowe was well known for her various film roles. Some of her more memorable credits include The Last of the Mohicans, Blink, Twelve Monkeys, Bad Girls and The General’s Daughter. While Stowe received critical acclaim for most of these films, it wasn’t until Revenge that she received a major award nomination — the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama.

Emily VanCamp (Emily)
Fans of ABC probably recognize VanCamp from the family drama Brothers & Sisters (available on Netflix), where she played Rebecca Harper, a selfish young woman thought to be the illegitimate daughter of William Walker, the show’s late patriarch. In time, it was revealed (spoiler alert!) that Rebecca was not William’s daughter, which was likely a rewrite to pair her with “half-brother” Justin after audiences noticed the chemistry between the two. Rebecca eventually left the show. You can also see a younger VanCamp in Everwood, a drama in which she played the daughter of a local doctor in a small town. But best of all, our favorite Revengenista will debut her role as Agent 13, aka Sharon Carter, in Marvel’s blockbuster sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, opening Friday, April 4 (we can’t wait!).

Gail O’Grady (Stevie)
While Stevie Grayson is new to Revenge, O’Grady has a long list of film and television credits. Viewers know her primarily from NYPD Blue, where she played Donna Abandando from 1993–1996, for which O’Grady received three Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. O’Grady also starred as Helen Pryor in the period drama American Dreams, and she has guest-starred on countless other TV series, including Desperate Housewives, CSI and more.

Roger Bart (Mason)
Everyone’s favorite hack author returns to Revenge this Sunday, but Bart definitely keeps himself busy when he’s not mixing it up in the Hamptons as Mason Treadwell. A Tony-winning actor, this New York-based theater star had a memorable run as psycho pharmacist George Williams on Desperate Housewives, had a major recurring role on The Event and was a regular on short-lived sitcom Bram & Alice. Film aficionados may have also seen Bart in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and Hostel: Part II (don’t watch this if you’re squeamish). Here’s hoping that he sticks around a bit on Revenge!

Gabriel Mann (Nolan)
True to his character Nolan Ross’s geeky roots, Mann provided the voice of Bruce Banner (the Hulk’s alter ego) in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Wolverine and the X-Men. Along with adding more Marvel Comics cred to the Revenge cast, Mann has also been a runway model (natch) and he’s guest-starred on tons of TV series.

Let us know of other shows or movies starring members of the Revenge cast in the comments below!

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