Who Will Die in the Revenge Season 3 Finale?

Who dies in the Revenge Season 3 finale?
Who dies in the Revenge Season 3 finale? Photos: ABC, filo/iStock/Thinkstock, Oliver Peterson

Revenge returns on Sunday, April 27 and the stakes keep getting higher. A quick recap:

-Victoria has just deduced that Emily is seeking revenge for David Clarke.

-Pascal, who we have seen is a cold-blooded killer (R.I.P. Oscar Chapman—we hardly knew ye and your fabulous lady wig), continues attempting to win over Victoria, who doesn’t know the true extent of his crimes.

-Jack and Margaux are about to split thanks to Margaux’s selfishness and jealousy, which was brought on by a manipulative Daniel.

-Emily and Aiden learned that Pascal killed Aiden’s father Trevor to keep him from spilling the beans about the Flight 197 disaster.

-Charlotte and insta-boyfriend Javier are going into business with Javier’s new app, while Nolanfears Javier is getting himself into trouble by getting involved with the Graysons.

-Conrad, for once, is not doing the orchestrating and seems a little concerned for Victoria’s safety.

It’s also been confirmed that a major character will be killed off in the Revenge Season 3 finale. Who do you think will bite the dust on May 11?

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