Grape Expectations! 10 Local Wines for Perfect Hamptons BBQ Pairings

Wine Grapes Jonathan Poh
Photo: Jonathan Poh

Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons means it’s time to fire up the grill and toast the arrival of summer, but many of us have a thirst to pair our fired-up preparations that cannot be quenched by mere lemonade, water, or even beer or cocktails. Pam Przepiora, tasting room manager at Duck Walk Vineyards in Water Mill, shares her insights into 10 wines to pair with with your BBQ favorites.

Sauvignon Blanc ’13: This citrusy white goes best with local seafood, particularly scallops and striped bass.

Chardonnay ’12: Pairs exceptionally well with all types of seafood and poultry-based dishes.

Chardonnay Reserve: This one is perfect for steamed clams and other form of buttery seafood.

Pinot Grigio: A must-have for green salads, particularly those featuring shrimp or chicken, and other light fare.

Windmill White: A cooling counterpoint to spicier styles, especially Thai or Indian food.


Windmill Blush: Barbeque sandwiches! Barbeque wraps! Macaroni salad! Potato salad! This wine has you covered no matter what you like best, and can fulfill all of your picnic needs.

Blue Duck Cabernet Sauvignon ’10: A happy companion to steaks and zesty Italian cuisine, this Cab boasts all the typical pairings of the style.

Blue Duck Merlot ’10: Meatloaf, roast chicken, homemade mac and cheese: this merlot can keep up with all your favorite comfort foods.

Gatsby Red: Possibly the best choice for barbeque chicken or ribs, this semi-sweet red blend also holds its own against Buffalo-style meat and anything featuring bleu cheese.

Aphrodite: Also a friend to bleu cheese, Aphrodite is a dessert wine that provides a tasty complement to citrus fruits and anything including nutmeg or cinnamon.

For the perfect pairing of East End food and wine, get your tickets now to Dan’s Taste of Summer, the premier food-and-wine weekend in the Hamptons—Dan’s GrillHampton is July 11, and Dan’s Taste of Two Forks is 12. Visit for tickets and more info. 

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