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Jobs Lane Shopkeepers Don’t Know What to Expect from Arrival of Kardashians

There has been plenty of buzz surrounding the Kardashians’ upcoming arrival to Southampton this summer, and a lot of locals haven’t been too kind or welcoming. Rumors are definitely swirling and they’ve stirred up a mix of opinions from local businesses on Jobs Lane, where the famous sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, will open their Dash pop-up store.

Despite recent personal attacks on the Kardashians, Jobs Lane store owners and employees don’t seem to be worried about what the reality TV stars are doing, but, rather, who and what they are bringing with them.

Employees at Topiaire Flower Shop and Southampton Vacuum and Sewing Center were concerned about the possible disruption the Kardashians’ new show, Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons, will bring to the village. The Kardashians are not just planning to open a boutique for their clothing line Dash, but also to film their entire stay on the East End. A television show implies a large crew, many cameras and big equipment will be following the Kardashians’ every move.

Kellie, the owner of the Southampton Vacuum and Sewing Center said, “I am indifferent [to the Kardashians’ stay in the Hamptons]. I’m concerned, though, that they will block the road for filming and then my customers won’t be able to get to [my store].”

Yet neither Topiaire nor Southampton Vacuum is greatly opposed to the arrival of the Kardashians. Employees at both stores welcome the potential tourism the Kardashian sisters may bring to town. In fact, their hope for an increase in business is in good company.

“I personally find that they will probably be an aid in business,” says Austin, acting manager of Calypso. “I mean, yeah, of course it’s going to be a bit more hectic, but I think it will help the town overall. Hopefully parking is not too bad, but other than that I welcome it.”

Employees at Alice and Olivia, TC Mens and Womens Wear, and Twist are excited for the Kardashians’ arrival, especially for the increase in foot traffic in front of their businesses.

While many store owners were cautious about associating their names and stores with their opinions, nobody who spoke with Dan’s Papers Thursday shared any greatly negative feelings. Most people were actually embarrassed of their excitement in the wake of such harsh rumors. Some shop owners are actually looking forward to a change of pace in the village.

Polly Stevenson of Stevenson’s Toys was one Jobs Lane store owner brave enough to say, “Bring it on” to the arrival of the Kardashians. And this is probably a good attitude to have, since E! will begin filming sometime next week.

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