Dan’s Taste of Summer Countdown: Chef Greg Grossman on Georgica’s Summer

Georgica Executive Chef Greg Grossman
Georgica Executive Chef Greg Grossman

The premier food-and-wine weekend of the year, Dan’s Taste of Summer is renowned as a gathering of top chefs, winemakers and purveyors from the East End. A newcomer to the event, Greg Grossman, new executive chef at Georgica in East Hampton, whets our appetite with talk of pitchers of Arnold Palmers, serving up fresh seafood, corn, tomatoes and strawberries, and more.

This year the weekend comprising Taste of Two Forks and GrillHampton has been dubbed Dan’s Taste of Summer. What does the phrase “taste of summer” mean to you?

This summer at Georgica, we really tried to reflect the season in our menu. First, we incorporated a lot of fantastic, local seafood into the menu, which really symbolizes the Hamptons to me. Next, we lightened out options with a lot of fresh citrus, fruits, local vegetables and a good amount of raw options on our sushi menu. To me, all of this really symbolizes the taste of summer.

What are you most looking forward to about being part of Dan’s Taste of Summer this year?

I’m very excited about being a part of this event. There are so many fantastic chefs participating, and I think this is a great opportunity for all of the chefs in the Hamptons to get together, taste each other’s food and have a
great time.

Describe the moment you knew the culinary world was your passion.

I can’t say that it was an instantaneous event that made me understand this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My initial interest was sparked when one of the chefs at the Ross School in East Hampton loaned me a 2003 copy of Ferran Adria’s book elBulli. At that point, I became very enthralled with cooking and began working in kitchens. Over time, it gradually became a part of my routine, and it has naturally evolved into what I’m doing today.

What is your favorite aspect of being part of the culinary culture on the East End?

Considering the fact that I grew up out here, nothing could excite me more than working in the Hamptons over the summer. The restaurant scene here really seems like one large family, and I am unbelievably excited about spending the summer at

When you hear the phrase “local,” what comes to mind?

Fresh seafood, corn, tomatoes and strawberries come to mind immediately.

Where do you find inspiration, inside and outside the kitchen?

We drew inspiration from everywhere when creating this menu, but mostly looked to classic dishes, local ingredients and flavor combinations that are really a part of the fiber of the Hamptons. By working with Chef Kazuo Yoshida on the sushi program, we also incorporated a good amount of Asian ingredients into the core of our menu.

If you were packing for an East End picnic, what are three things we’d find in your basket?

Freshly grilled corn, steamed lobsters, potato salad.

What beverage are you looking forward to enjoying on a hot summer night?

I have to say, I am a huge fan of Arnold Palmers… I have been making pitchers at the house and think there is nothing better on a hot evening.

Finish this sentence: An empty plate is… the end of a great meal!

Dan’s Taste of Summer begins Friday, July 11, with GrillHampton and continues Saturday, July 12, with Dan’s Taste of Two Forks. For tickets and more information, visit DansTasteofSummer.com. 

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