When Art and Real Estate Mix

DOC (Desire Obtain Cherish) and Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
DOC (Desire Obtain Cherish) and Cindy Farkas Glanzrock

Sagaponack’s Cindy Farkas Glanzrock, the president of Glanzrock Realty Services, is multitalented. She is a successful real estate executive, marketing expert, writer, art curator, blogger and “real estate and art matchmaker.” Her passion for art inspired her to create and launch BACP, the Building Art Curatorial Program.

BACP is a program that provides artists and realtors the opportunity to work together. Showcasing art in unique spaces like lobbies has opened doors for a select group of up-and-coming artists and continues to be a great platform for artists to gain exposure. Farkas Glanzrock believes in encouraging new talent from the very beginning stages of their careers. “I find it very rewarding to follow the career of an artist,” she says.

Farkas Glanzrock is also the editor of Real Art Muse, a blog that shares her views on art from an inspirational point of view. She has a great love and appreciation for all that the Hamptons offer. “During my childhood, I spent much of my time in Westhampton Beach and gained great insight into the art world and its rich culture,” she says. Today, when Farkas Glanzrock is not hard at work, she enjoys spending time at her home in Sagaponack where she loves to entertain friends and family.

Farkas Glanzrock’s unique ability to connect artists with the right space or the right person allows talented artists to be recognized and in some cases even rediscovered. “Commercial buildings with a great deal of foot traffic provide artists with an opportunity for enhanced exposure they wouldn’t ordinarily attain. BACP selects relevant artwork for commercial lobbies reflects a particular building’s history, location and provenance, dramatically enriching the experience of both the tenant and visitor, as well as increasing the building’s value. We anticipate that BACP will encourage more commercial buildings to become involved,” Farkas Glanzrock says.

Artist DOC (Desire Obtain Cherish) and Cindy Farkas Glanzrock with “Delicious Mess” in New York
Artist DOC (Desire Obtain Cherish) and Cindy Farkas Glanzrock with “Delicious Mess” in New York

BACP orchestrates every detail along the way, from the installation of artwork to the marketing and publicity of the artist. One of the main priorities the Building Art Curatorial Program focuses on is to provide a memorable experience and to inspire.

The meshing together of real estate and art makes perfect sense. Building owners who take part in the program have the option to buy the displayed artwork before their lease terminates—they have first right of refusal. Tenants have the second option to buy. Visitors and guests may inquire with the gallery once the art is removed from the space, if they wish make a purchase. Landlord and artist also have the option to renew the lease if they desire to do so. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Farkas Glanzrock works with a variety of reputable galleries on the East End and in Manhattan. Lawrence Fine Art, a gallery located in East Hampton, represents a number of established local street artists, including Sen2 and LARoc.

Thought-provoking, inspiring and enjoyable works of art can definitely add a positive vibe to any open space. From a restaurant or retail business to a commercial lobby, the presence of art can enhance and transform an otherwise lifeless backdrop into a delightful and vibrant atmosphere. Artists create works of art to share a vision, personal experience or their interpretation of something. Whatever the inspiration, we can all admire and appreciate their talents and support them on their journey to discovery and success.

For more information about BACP and Glanzrock Realty Service, contact Cindy Farkas Glanzrock at [email protected], 917-769-9980 or visit glanzrockrs.com. Follow Farkas Glanzrock’s blog at realartmuse.com.

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