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Give Your Skin a Summer Break at Geomare Wellness Center

Sometimes self-care requires a jump-start.

You know, like how a dental cleaning reinforces good flossing habits. With all of the wonderfully innovative beauty products out there, it might seem like you can take matters of the face into your own hands. While you can for a certain length of time, there is nothing quite like a professional facial to renew radiance and remind you of how you should be caring for your epidermis.

Facials are relaxing and restorative any time of the year, but are particularly helpful when going into a new season. Thank heavens for Geomare Wellness Center & Spa. I’ve had a facial with Geomare Avilés, founder and director, before but this was my first appointment with Marina. Marina came highly recommended to Geomare from Ananas Spa after they closed this past winter. Along with a smiling face and a demeanor that puts you at instant ease, Marina has brought the high-end line from Barcelona, Natura Bissé. There are a few Natura Bissé facials to choose from and I chose “C+C Vitamin Facial” based on it’s description: A fantastic facial for sun-damaged, dull and dehydrated skin…firming, hydrating and lightening to directly repair and prevent visible signs of premature aging.

I scheduled it for a Friday, late afternoon, with the intention of going home for a quiet night afterwards and looking fabulous for Saturday night. After a long week, it did what no happy hour could have ever accomplished. It made me feel soothed and healthy. I was led into one of the new rooms at Geomare— they’ve expanded since the last time I was there. I slipped into a terrycloth robe and settled down to the soft sounds of classical piano music. Marina began right away with prepping the skin—first with a cool removal of makeup, then with a warm towel and a steam. While the steam opened up the pores, the treatment began. From this moment on I nearly fell asleep but can recall a very natural-smelling citrus-scented scrub, more steam, what felt like a cool gel and a foamy (also citrus-infused) mask. Each step came with massaging motions that felt wonderful on my sinuses and forehead. While the masks worked their magic, Marina gave me an arm and hand massage. The citrus aroma of each product was uplifting and led to me wanting grapefruit the next day. After the facial was complete, I peeked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it. I was radiant and my skin looked healthier than it has in months.

After the facial, I tried something new: Endermologie. The description on this one read: “Slim down fat cells, smooth cellulite, firms the skin, resculpt the figure.” Developed in France over a decade ago, it took a while to catch on stateside. It doesn’t take much for me to try something French and if it will put my summer short-shorts fears at bay, I’m on board. The endermologie process began with me putting on a white bodysuit. Then, Marina began operating the massaging machine, which was like a rolling massage plus a slight amount of suctioning. It was completely painless and actually a lot like a deep massage. What’s actually happening in endermologie is that it reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by stimulating the skin. It has been known to work wonders on sagging skin as well, after a few sessions. With only one session, I did feel like the muscles were more relaxed and the skin more taut. I still notice an improvement and am eager to do it again.

Since my appointment, I’m happy to report that I’ve been slathering on the SPF every time I leave the house. My skin is still glowing from the Natura Bissé C+C facial, two weeks later, and I haven’t had to cover up any blemishes because there aren’t any. A light dusting of sheer powder on the nose is all the makeup needed—making for a simple summertime routine that gets me out the door in the morning in record time.

To browse the full listing of Geomare’s services, which include acupuncture, nutrition, massage, reflexology and so much more, visit To schedule your treatment, call 631-287-9352. Geomare Wellness Center & Spa is located at 80 White Street, Southampton.

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