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Hamptons Subway Newsletter: Week of July 25–31, 2014

Week of July 25–31, 2014
Riders this past week: 18,872
Rider miles this past week: 184,300

Katie Lee, a cookbook author, was seen in the caboose of the subway heading from East Hampton to Amagansett flipping pancakes. Joe Citarella was seen on the subway heading from the East Hampton stop to Southampton, to his new store, he said. Kate Upton was spotted on the subway spur between Southampton and Cooper’s Beach with a deck chair and blanket and a little dog.

As we explained six months ago, due to rising costs, we’ve begun the program of charging double during the first week in August. Swipe your card twice to get through the turnstiles, that will do it. Riders are reminded that back on July 4, we had rides for half price that day.

As you know, the threatened strike by the Long Island Rail Road fizzled last Sunday when Governor Cuomo came down from Albany to set everybody straight. Our Commissioner Bill Aspinall, not to be outdone, created a crisis by threatening to cut off the pensions of some of the repair and maintenance men in our subway yard in Montauk (all members of the local Repair and Maintenance Hampton Subway Union RMHSU 233.) And since the Governor was at LIRR headquarters in NYC, he took the chopper out to Southampton and set down on Meadow Lane where the Commissioner met him to just tell him he’d had it all resolved already but thanked him for coming so he could shake his hand. Cuomo then he flew off. No harm done.

All the Kardashians who were here in the Hamptons making some kind of TV show or other all boarded a subway train at the Southampton station and hot-footed it out of town, heading west toward Westhampton and New York on Friday. Apparently the jig was up.

Nobody wanted to disturb the polo people, but while some of the polo ponies were being transported on the subway from Westhampton to Bridgehampton for Bridgehampton Polo on Wednesday, one to a subway car, one pony must have been left behind, because they were one pony short at the other end. Maybe they had left him in Argentina? This pony turned up on the tracks between Westhampton Beach and Quiogue last Friday night after the subway closed for the night, swishing his tail and munching on that sweet grass we planted there last year. He was ridden off to a barn and appeared in a chukker the next day where he seemed completely re-energized scoring a record five goals in six minutes.

Agnes Block, one of the secretaries in the credit department, and twin of Sheila who also works there, will be celebrating her birthday Wednesday in the company cafeteria with a cake to cut and some candles to blow out at 3 pm. Sheila, her identical twin, celebrates her birthday the next day and there will be another party. Agnes was born July 31 at 11:59 p.m. and Sheila was born August 1 at 12:01 a.m. the next day. They like that they get two birthdays like this and who can blame them.

The E Train out of Southampton heading to Shinnecock was delayed a half hour Tuesday at 11 a.m. when workmen repaired the track between those two stops. The problem was the work order was for the F Train track, but there was a smudge on the F and it looked like an E.

Best wishes to all.


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