Honoring the Hampton Jitney Cover Artist: Joe Chierchio

Dan's Papers cover art by Joe Chierchio

Having done 18 covers, artist Joe Chierchio, is no stranger to Dan’s Papers. He’s also no stranger to the East End, as he and his fiancée, who is a sculptor, work from their home and studios in Water Mill.

Now specializing in fine art after 40 years in advertising, Chierchio enjoys the challenge of coming up with covers that capture the local color of the Hamptons. While much of his artwork conveys a sense of nostalgia, this section’s special cover depicts a very modern scene—people getting off the Hampton Jitney.

The cover of this commemorative section shows a group of glamorous Hamptonites disembarking the Hampton Jitney, with a distinguished older gentleman bearing a striking resemblance to Dan Rattiner reading a copy of “Dan’s Papers.” What was the inspiration behind this cover? 

To me, Dan and the Jitney say the Hamptons. The first thing many people do when they get off the Jitney is read Dan’s Papers. Even Dan picks up his copy.

Dan's Papers June 20, 2014 Hampton Jitney special section cover by Joe Chierchio,.
Dan’s Papers June 20, 2014, Hampton Jitney special section cover by Joe Chierchio.

What makes you the ideal East End artist to create this cover image?

I was very happy to create this image, as I have been riding the Jitney for many years. It always impressed me that people from all walks of life seem to relax and start their vacation once they board the Jitney.

How do you feel the Jitney is a part of East End culture?

Of course the Jitney is part of the culture—the Jitney is part of a routine that connects the NYC to the Hamptons.

How long have you been riding the Hampton Jitney? Can you share any memories of a particularly notable experience? 

I have been riding the Jitney for about 20 years. It is a luxury that most of us take for granted. But one of my strongest memories was a rainy Memorial Day weekend. I was glad to be riding in comfort rather than fighting the eastbound traffic on the LIE.

If the Hampton Jitney offered air travel, would you visit Spain more often?

Sure, I would take the Jitney to Spain.

What would you like to paint on a Hampton Jitney coach?

I have already sent in an image of the seaside, peace and joy that Hamptons has come to mean.

Have you ever worked on your art while riding the Hampton Jitney?

I certainly do. With my head back and eyes closed I am conjuring images for new works. Which can’t be done behind the wheel of a station wagon.

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