Is Fat-Shaming Leading to Manorexia in the Hamptons?

Fat-shaming can lead to manorexia,
Fat-shaming can lead to manorexia, Photos: bowie15, y_seki/iStock/Thinkstock

Fat-shaming. That is a term that is being heard more and more around the Hamptons these days.

If you are a man living in the Hamptons with a perfectly chiseled body and six-pack abs, then you probably have no need to worry.

Still…many men cry at the sight of our overweight bodies in front of the mirror. We too want the perfect body to attract or keep the perfect partner. And when someone at the beach makes a comment about our mild obesity, it hurts. We are the Fat-Shamed.

The Hamptons, widely known for its beautiful people, contributes to insecurities for many overweight men. We are being fat-shamed everywhere we turn. Boutique stores featuring male mannequins with smaller waists don’t help the situation. It’s a wonder that many of us overweight males can even muster enough courage to leave our homes.

All of this can manifest itself in a way that becomes dangerous to men’s health—fat-shaming can also lead to manorexia.

According to the Urban Dictionary, manorexia is the male version of anorexia nervosa. This eating disorder is commonly found in models or starlets, but is now affecting men. Anorexia among women and young girls gets significant attention, but manorexia gets very little.

The National Eating Disorder Association has reported that more than a million men (and boys) battle the illness each day.  It is more commonly found among people that live in areas where vanity and keeping up appearances is widely recognized. The Hamptons is the perfect environment in that regard.

Do we really want to see men standing over the commodes and barfing up their dinners in the bathrooms of our fine area restaurants? Nay, I say. So let’s be proactive and do something about it.

Maybe if we started featuring plus-size men in print media, in a favorable way, we could help to reverse the stigma that leads to this disorder? Perhaps a couple summer runway events featuring heavier male models?

We also need to open a dialogue regarding this real and present condition. We have hundreds of fundraisers and charity events going on this summer on the East End, but I can’t find a single event purely dedicated to raising the awareness for manorexia

Until fat-shaming is eradicated, my advice to fellow overweight males is to maintain good spirits by standing in front of the mirror and repeating the Daily Affirmations by Stuart Smalley: “I am good enough, I am smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

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