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#NoDash Stickers in the Hamptons Stick It to the Kardashians

An anti-Kardashians sticker campaign is rising in the Hamptons.

A photo of one of the stickers, tagged in Southampton, was tweeted by @maramcbreen on Wednesday and noticed by Page Six. The young tweeter has since made her tweets private.

The sticker has Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian‘s faces in a red circle with a red slash down the middle, and the hashtag #nodash. See photo in tweet below.

It seems as if the stickers first cropped up in Southampton, where the Kardashians’ show is being filmed and where they opened their pop-up boutique Dash, but have now moved to other towns. TMZ picked up Mara’s tweet today, and shared a picture of another #nodash sticker on an East Hampton sign. According to TMZ, no one has been caught with the #nodash stickers thus far, but anyone who is in the future will be cited. But that won’t stop the internet trend. People are now tweeting #nodash by the minute

Comment below with any #nodash sticker sightings!

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