Spotlight on Le Soleil d’Or: Bringing the Farm Even Closer to the Table in Cayman Brac

Le Soleil d’Or
Photo courtesy Le Soleil d’Or


How far has your food traveled before reaching your plate? Chances are, it has been around the block… many times. According to the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture (2003), “In a study for 16 common fruits and vegetables, the average one traveled just under 1,500 miles before it was sold to a consumer.”  With non-processed, locally produced food becoming increasingly difficult to find, many people are turning towards farm-to-table options. Buying and eating local food from people who are producing food on a smaller scale is not only better for your health (farm-fresh foods are packed with nutrients that are eliminated from chemically sprayed foods), it also tastes better! Le Soleil d’Or, luxury vacation rental homes in Cayman Brac, puts a Caribbean twist on the farm-to-table concept with its garden tours, personal chef services, and cooking classes.

Le Soleil d’Or is not only a luxury Caribbean destination; it’s an epicurist’s haven. Nestled between the turquoise Caribbean Sea and dramatic limestone cliffs, Le Soleil d’Or is home to its own 20-acre organic garden and farm. This lush, verdant oasis, marked by timeless, hand-crafted stone growing beds and pathways, has over 300 fruit trees featuring 50 varieties of fruit. The vegetable beds are an equally abundant source of fresh, culinary herbs, vegetable varieties and a wealth of colorful flowers. Producing fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and eggs daily, which are used to create savory dishes and natural spa treatments for our guests, they bring the farm even closer to the table, whether that be the dinner table or the massage table. As with any garden farm, the work is never over; this area is very much a work in progress with exciting visions for future additions – all tended by a team who are passionate about what they do.

Guests of Le Soleil d’Or can rediscover the earth on a vacation that offers unique, hands-on culinary experience. On a garden tour, guests will learn about sustainable farming practices, pick local produce, participate in a farm-to-table cooking class, and sample the savory flavors of Cayman Brac. The breathtaking view of the Caribbean from the top of the garden is, in itself, well worth the visit.

Your food may have traveled great lengths before reaching your plate, but how far would you travel for good food?  To learn more about Le Soleil d’Or visit and to make a reservation contact [email protected]

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